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Reliable chronic operation of implantable medical devices such as the Utah Electrode Array (UEA) for neural interface requires elimination of transcutaneous wire connections for signal processing, powering and communication of the device. A wireless power source that allows integration with the UEA is therefore necessary. While (rechargeable) micro(More)
A BiCMOS embedded RF-MEMS switch module is demonstrated. The module consists of four main blocks: 1) RF-MEMS switch technology, 2) Switch models for design-kit implementation, 3) High Voltage (HV) generation and digital interface, 4) Flexible packaging. The RF-MEMS switch technology is detailed by focusing on the contact model, especially in the down-state.(More)
In an approach to generating Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains with increased intracellular copper amounts for technical applications, we overexpressed the copper transporter CTR1 and a variant of CTR1 with a truncation in the C-terminus after the 300th amino acid (ctr1Δ300). We determined the copper sensitivity of the generated strains and used inductively(More)
In this paper we demonstrate the modeling and optimization of BiCMOS embedded high aspect ratio through-silicon vias (TSV) for RF-grounding applications. The inductance and the resistance of the TSV are analyzed with respect to TSV design parameters and process effects such as sidewall-tilting and void formation. RF measurement results with extracted(More)
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