K. Zaplatilek

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The article deals with various ways of memristor modeling and simulation in the MATLAB&Simulink environment. Recently used and published mathematical memristor model serves as a base, regarding all known features of its behavior. Three different approaches in the MATLAB&Simulink system are used for the differential and other equations formulation. The first(More)
Pilot's responses to a sudden step change in flight altitude were measured on a flight simulator. The measured data was then mathematically analyzed in the MATLAB<sup>&#x00AE;</sup> environment, providing the input and output data for the filter optimization. The aim of such an optimal filter design is to obtain the best transfer function parameters (pilot(More)
In the article, we describe principles of numerical algorithms by means of which coefficients of continuous-time and discrete-time frequency filters are possible to transform each other for several s-z transformations. The basis of algorithms is so-called Pascal matrix for calculation of which an original procedure is used. We discuss problems of numerical(More)
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