K. Yu. Lisovsky

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While traditional literate programming languages utilize a combination of a typesetting language and a programming language and are usually oriented towards a printed paper presentation of a program, the proposed technique combines a programming language with a semistructured markup and is intended for transformation of the Scheme source code into(More)
This paper is devoted to the construction of processors of a language for describing links between resources in XML documents, which is based on the application of functional programming methods and representation of XML data as S-expressions. An implementation in the high-level functional programming language Scheme, the system SXLink compatible with the(More)
Representation and processing of XML data in Scheme are considered. Scheme is a functional programming language belonging to the LISP family. The SXML specification is discussed, which defines methods for representing XML data in the form of S-expressions in Scheme. Possibilities of extending this specification are considered. Methods of parsing and(More)
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