K. Yoneyama

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Studies of conditions over the Tropical Western Pacific (TWP) have found instances of extremely dry air in the middle troposphere (e.g., Parsons et al. 1994; Numaguti et al. 1995; Yoneyama and Fujitani 1995; Mapes and Zuidema 1996). These dry air masses can have a zonal extent of ~1000 km and a width of several hundred kilometers. There is often a strong(More)
We have developed a parameter optimization tool, Monte Carlo Josephson simulator (MJSIM), for rapid single flux quantum (RSFQ) digital circuits based on a Monte Carlo yield analysis. MJSIM can generate a number of net lists for the JSIM, where all parameter values are varied randomly according to the Gaussian distribution function, and calculate the circuit(More)
Superfluid bubbles in a 4He quantum crystal, which we refer to as quantum negative crystals, were investigated in bcc and hcp phases by visualizing their forms and motions at various temperatures. They were nearly spherical in bcc phase and faceted on the c-plane in their upper part in hcp phase. They steadily rose in the crystal due to gravity. Their(More)
We will propose a new design approach for single-flux-quantum (SFQ) logic circuits based on a binary decision diagram (BDD). The BDD is a way to represent a logical function by using a directed graph, which is composed of nodes having one input (root) and two outputs (branches). The node has binary states internally which can be controlled from outside, and(More)
Dynamics of capillary condensation of liquid 4He in various density silica aerogels was investigated systematically. Interfaces were clearly visible when bulk liquid was rapidly sucked into the aerogel. Time evolution of the interface positions was consistent with the Washburn model and their effective pore radii were obtained. Condensation was a single(More)
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