K. Yi

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This paper presents a static analysis that estimates un-caught exceptions in multithreaded Java programs. In Java, throwing exceptions across threads is deprecated because of the safety problem. Instead of restricting programmers' freedom, we extend Java language to support multithreaded exception handling and propose a tool to detect uncaught exceptions in(More)
Abrupt and severe loss of leaves caused by a typhoon disrupts physiological development and metabolism in kiwifruit vines. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of time of defoliation on off-season flowering, vine regrowth, and fruit quality in ‘Jecy Gold’ kiwifruit. ‘Jecy Gold’ kiwifruit vines were subjected to artificial 100% defoliation on(More)
Leaves of kiwifruit have long petiole and large size, so that they are easily damaged by strong wind. This study was performed to evaluate the effect of leaves loss by typhoon damage on fruit quality and yield and new cane growth with artificial defoliation. Five-year-old ‘Jecy Gold’ kiwifruit vines grown in a plastic house were used in this study.(More)
This study was conducted to investigate the seed formation potential by the evaluation of microspore development and self- and cross-compatibility through their pollen tube growth response to self and cross pollination in Jeju old local citrus species. Anther and pollen histological analyses were done to observe microspore development for three species(More)
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