K. Y. Simon Ng

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The third-integer coupling resonance at ν(x)-2ν(z)=ℓ, known as the Walkinshaw resonance, is important in high-power accelerators. We find that, when the betatron tunes ramp through a Walkinshaw resonance the fractional emittance growth (FEG) is a universal function of the effective resonance strength: G(1,-2,ℓ)√[ε(xi)]|Δ(ν(x)-2ν(z))/Δn|(-1/2), where(More)
Lithium Sulfur (Li/S) chemistries are amongst the most promising next-generation battery technologies due to their high theoretical energy density. However, the detrimental effects of their intermediate byproducts, polysulfides (PS), have to be resolved to realize these theoretical performance limits. Confined approaches on using porous carbons to entrap PS(More)
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