K Y M Wong

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BACKGROUND To review the complication rate of ventriculostomy-related infection in a local regional hospital, to identify risk factors of infections and suggest measures to prevent infections. METHODS Retrospective review of all cases involving ventriculostomy in one centre of a 4-year-period (Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, a local regional(More)
We performed a retrospective study on the causes of acute viral encephalitis in Hong Kong and in particular we focused on the clinical, laboratory findings, imaging characteristics and outcome of Chinese patients with herpes simplex encephalitis. We identified 16 patients with herpes simplex encephalitis with age ranging from 24-74 years (mean 51 years).(More)
Chemoresistance and therapeutic selectivity are major obstacles to successful chemotherapy of ovarian cancer. Manganese superoxide disumutase (MnSOD) is an important antioxidant enzyme responsible for the elimination of superoxide radicals. We reported here that MnSOD was significantly elevated in ovarian cancer cells and its overexpression was one of the(More)
BACKGROUND There is no instrument available in Chinese for assessing psychosocial needs. This study aimed to assess the validity and reliability of the Chinese version of the Supportive Care Needs Survey short form (SCNS-SF34-C) in Chinese women with breast cancer (BC). METHODS The Chinese version of the 34-item SCNS-SF34-C, a self-report measure for(More)
BACKGROUND Anxiety and depression (distress) over the first year following the initial adjuvant therapy for advanced breast cancer (ABC) remain poorly documented in non-Caucasian populations. This study describes trajectories of distress and their determinants in Chinese women with ABC. METHODS Of the 228 Chinese women newly diagnosed with ABC recruited(More)
BACKGROUND Most women with advanced breast cancer (ABC) show little distress, but about one in ten show persistent distress over time. It remains unclear if meanings ascribed by patients to ABC differentiate these distress trajectories. STUDY AIMS This qualitative study (a) compared illness meanings of ABC between women with persistent psychological(More)
(2016). ABC transporters P-gp and Bcrp do not limit the brain uptake of the novel antipsychotic and anticonvulsant drug cannabidiol in mice. PeerJ, 4(5), 1-17. <a href=" (2016). Behavioral and cognitive data in mice with different tryptophan-metabolizing enzymes knocked out.1 and IDO-2 differentially affects mouse behavior and cognitive function. protects(More)