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To determine if variable sequences (spacers) between conserved positions in a sequence motif or pattern share a consensus structure, three-dimensional structures containing PROSITE patterns with spacers of fixed length greater than three residues were analyzed. Structural similarities of a given pattern were evaluated by computing the backbone phi, psi and(More)
A probabilistic approach to determine design parameters for damage-tolerant composite aircraft structures has been developed. The main criterion for acceptance of a structure is a specified probability of failure. The development of this approach is motivated by the increasing use of damage-sensitive composite aircraft structures. The resulting(More)
The duplex formed by annealing the formacetal backbone modified dodecamer d-(CGCGTTOCH2OTTGCGC) to its complementary strand, d(GCGCAAAACGCG) (duplex I), has been studied by NMR techniques and analyzed with reference to its unmodified counterpart (duplex II). Comparison of parameters such as 2D cross-peak intensities, coupling constants, and spectral(More)
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