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C. KRISHNAN, M. BROSSARD,* K.-Y. LEE, J.-K. HUANG, C.-H. LIN, H.-C. KUO, M. D. B. CHARLTON, AND P. G. LAGOUDAKIS School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Southampton, UK School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Southampton, UK Luxtaltek Corporation, Chunan Miaoli 350, Taiwan Department of(More)
We propose a local method of constructing piecewise G 1 Bézier patches to span a Bézier curve network with odd- and 4-valent node points. We analyze all possible singular cases of the G 1 condition that is to be met by the curve network interpolation and propose a new G 1 continuity condition using linear and quartic scalar weight functions. Using this(More)
The phagocytic recognition and clearance of the recruited inflammatory cells with prolonged survival play a pivotal role in relieving tissue inflammation and maintaining tissue homeostasis. Transgenic mice expressing Bcl-2 in mature neutrophils demonstrated that Bcl-2 attenuated neutrophil apoptosis, while the homeostasis of the neutrophil population was(More)
For entrepreneurs, franchising has various advantages over starting one’s own store, including speedy product development, pre-packaged business format, and efficient marketing strategy; however, such arrangements also give rise to conflicts. The paper applies communication theory to explain franchisor-franchisee relationships and to determine how to(More)
The characteristics of the lactan gum produced by Rahnella aquatilis varied according to the carbon sources used: the steady shear viscosity of lactan gum produced from fructose medium was higher than that produced from the other carbon sources, and furthermore the level of energy required (D H), for the degradation of lactan gum from fructose by Rahnella(More)
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