K. Y. Lam

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Tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF- α ) was reported as anticancer therapy due to its cytotoxic effect against an array of tumor cells. However, its undesirable responses of TNF- α on activating NF- κ B signaling and pro-metastatic property limit its clinical application in treating cancers. Therefore, sensitizing agents capable of overcoming this undesirable(More)
For cancer patients with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection, who receive cytotoxic chemotherapy, HBV reactivation is a well-described complication, which may result in varying degrees of liver damage. Several clinical features and the pre-chemotherapy HBV viral load have been suggested to be associated with an increased risk of developing the(More)
The prognosis of oesophageal cancer patients is related to the portion of MIB-1 positively stained tumour nuclei. In this study, an image analysis system was developed based on LEICA Image Processing and Analysis System to reduce the subjective, tedious and inaccurate manual counting of nuclei staining. Representative oesophageal cancer tissues were(More)
  • K C Lam, Hu, Tiesong, S Ng, Thomas, Martin Skitmore +1 other
  • 2010
Nonlinearity, uncertainty and subjectivity are the three predominant characteristics of contractors prequalification which cause the process more of an art than a scientific evaluation. A fuzzy neural network (FNN) model, amalgamating both the fuzzy set and neural network theories, has been developed aiming to improve the objectiveness of contractor(More)
Cordyceps sinensis is an endoparasitic fungus widely used as a tonic and medicinal food in the practice of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In historical usage, Cordyceps specifically is referring to the species of C. sinensis. However, a number of closely related species are named themselves as Cordyceps, and they are sold commonly as C. sinensis. The(More)
Anthropogenic pollutants and climate change are major threats to coral reefs today. Yet interactions between chemical and thermal perturbations have not been fully explored in reef studies. Here, we present the single and combined effects of copper (Cu) with thermal stress on five early life-history stages/processes (fertilization, larval mortality,(More)
BACKGROUND HerboChip is an array of different fractions deriving from herbal extracts. This study aimed to identify effective components from Chinese medicine (CM) that interact with nerve growth factor (NGF) as a target using HerboChip. METHODS Fifty types of CM that are traditionally used as remedies for emotion imbalance were selected and extracted(More)
No parts of this thesis may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or means without the prior permission in writing from the author. Chapter 2 Anorectal function evaluation and predictive factors for fecal incontinence in 600 patients Chapter 3 Critical reappraisal of anorectal function tests in fecal incontinence Chapter 4(More)