K. Y. Lam

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The prognosis of oesophageal cancer patients is related to the portion of MIB-1 positively stained tumour nuclei. In this study, an image analysis system was developed based on LEICA Image Processing and Analysis System to reduce the subjective, tedious and inaccurate manual counting of nuclei staining. Representative oesophageal cancer tissues were(More)
Anthropogenic pollutants and climate change are major threats to coral reefs today. Yet interactions between chemical and thermal perturbations have not been fully explored in reef studies. Here, we present the single and combined effects of copper (Cu) with thermal stress on five early life-history stages/processes (fertilization, larval mortality,(More)
The dynamic interaction of two red blood cells (RBCs) in a capillary is investigated computationally by the two-fluid model, including their deformable motion and interaction. For characterization of the deformation, the RBC membrane is treated as a curved two-dimensional shell with finite thickness by the shell model, and allowed to undergo the stretching(More)
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