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1. A weak electroneutral sodium channel blocker 6-chloro-3,5-diamino-pyrazine-2-carboxamide was used to perform noise analysis on isolated epithelium from Rana fuscigula to determine the cellular mechanism underlying autoregulation of Na+ channel densities in response to a reduction in the mucosal Na+ concentration. 2. The inherent transport rates of these(More)
Vasopressin (AVP) stimulates the absorption of Na+ across frog skin epithelium by increasing the number of open apical channels (N(o)) mainly through a large expansion of the total number of channels (NT) at the membrane. This study investigates with blocker-induced noise analysis the potential role of actin in the regulation of AVP-induced changes in(More)
This study proposes a novel swing-up control strategy for the rotary inverted pendulum based on the feedback linearization and energy control method. After feedback linearization, an energy function is selected to design the swing-up control law where a gain k is chosen according to the trajectories in the phase-plane. It can be found that the time needed(More)
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