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Gout or pseudogout, caused by deposition of crystals, rarely affects the spine. We report 4 cases with gout or pseudogout in the lumbar spine. Two had cauda equina syndrome and another 2 had spinal stenosis. To avoid unnecessary surgery, this should be considered in the differential diagnosis when treating patients with histories of gout or pseudogout for(More)
STUDY DESIGN A retrospective study was conducted to study the post operative upper limb palsy after laminoplasty for cervical myelopathy. OBJECTIVE To identify a reliable and simple preoperative radiological parameter in predicting the risk of post operative upper limb palsy. BACKGROUND Post operative upper limb palsy is one of the causes of patient(More)
Three Chinese patients suffered from severe lumbar spinal stenosis with debilitating symptoms due to a rare condition of ligamentum flavum cysts in the midline of the lumbar spine. This disease is distinct from synovial cyst of the facet joints or ganglion cysts, both intraoperatively and histopathologically. Magnetic Resonance imaging features of the(More)
Paediatric supracondylar fractures of the femur are not common. The treatment options depend on the age of child, the site of the fracture, the pattern of injury and the surgeon's preference. We report a case of an 11-year old boy who sustained a comminuted displaced supracondylar fracture of the femur and was treated with indirect reduction and internal(More)
397 The complications caused by iatrogenic foreign bodies are well known, but cases are rarely published because of the medico-legal implications. 1 Early identification of a foreign body can prevent hazardous and detrimental complications. Medical practitioners may occasionally be misled by overlapping images of radio-opaque objects on X-rays and(More)
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