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The influence of the oxygen environment on the transport behavior of a cadmium sulfide (CdS) single crystal nanobelt is investigated by device performance under various light illuminations and oxygen partial pressures. The CdS nanobelt shows superior photo response in the visible light region and the conductance is sensitive to the oxygen environment. The(More)
We investigate the ability to introduce strain into atomic-scale silicon device fabrication by performing hydrogen lithography and creating electrically active phosphorus δ-doped silicon on strained silicon-on-insulator (sSOI) substrates. Lithographic patterns were obtained by selectively desorbing hydrogen atoms from a H resist layer adsorbed on a clean,(More)
The thermal decomposition of ultrathin HfO(2) films (∼0.6-1.2 nm) on Si by ultrahigh vacuum annealing (25-800 °C) is investigated in situ in real time by scanning tunneling microscopy. Two distinct thickness-dependent decomposition behaviors are observed. When the HfO(2) thickness is ∼ 0.6 nm, no discernible morphological changes are found below ∼ 700 °C.(More)
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