K. Wojciechowski

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The aim of this challenging scientific and training event is to be an international forum for scientific and technical training, presentations and discussions on the latest advances in Computer Vision and Graphics. Prospective authors are invited to submit original contributions on the topics including, but not limited to:
A Middle Bird's cable: ... " If in The Rainy Island of Every Day Struggle you cannot find a bird of paradise just get a wet hen. " ... Summary In this monograph we consider the problem of modeling curves together with the estimation of their length via various interpolation schemes (i.e. piecewise-polynomials) based on discrete reduced data
This paper presents numerical research and experiments giving rise to developed algorithm to connect into form of mosaic, images from the capsule endos-copy. In order to apply the algorithm, combined images must have a common area where the correspondence of points is determined. That allows to determine the transformation parameters to compensate movement(More)
The segmentation method of multispectral human eye images suitable in ophthalmic diagnosis of structural retinal features characteristic for glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy diseases is presented. A multispectral imaging was realized in 21 spectral windows, between 400nm and 740nm, on a base of liquid crystal tunable filter and a high sensitivity(More)
The paper is devoted to the gait identification challenges. It evaluates human abilities to recognize gait on the basis of skeleton animations. Further, it proposes the method of gait identification based on the kinematical data .The feature extraction approach and supervised learning are applied. To explore the most individual joints movements, aggregated(More)
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