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OBJECTIVE This study provides an original perspective on the associations among endogenous opiates, overeating and obesity. The aim was to assess whether variability in the OPRM1 gene, as assessed by seven single-nucleotide polymorphisms, relates to individual differences in the preference for sweet and fatty foods. We also anticipated that these food(More)
The Micro-sized Microwave Atmospheric Satellite (MicroMAS) is a dual-spinning 3U CubeSat equipped with a passive microwave spectrometer that observes nine channels near the 118.75-GHz oxygen absorption line. The focus of this MicroMAS mission (hereafter, MicroMAS-1) is to observe convective thunderstorms, tropical cyclones, and hurricanes from a(More)
Although seasonality might once have been a successful energy conservation strategy for people living in temperate regions, this physiological phenomenon may now foster accumulating annual weight gain and thereby feature in the risk profile for obesity. We tested the hypothesis that seasonality relates to BMI, and that this association is mediated by a(More)