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Clinical reports on first metastases of a malignant melanoma in lung or pleura or of such metastases which are observed before detection of the primary tumor are relatively rare. That is especially typical for metastases of intraocular melanomas. In the time from 1970 till 1984 we have observed in our hospital five cases of pulmonary or pleural metastases(More)
132 tuberculous pleurisies were diagnosed between 578 thoracoscopies from 1970 to June 1985. A histological confirmation of diagnosis was achieved in 51.5% of the specific pleurisies, whereas in 15.2% typical endoscopic findings were present. 33.3% of the diseases were diagnosed based on the clinical and roentgenological appearance or ex juvantibus after(More)
The endoscopic morphology of asbestos-induced pleural disease is demonstrated by typical thoracoscopic findings. Among 627 thoracoscopies, lesions induced by exposure to asbestos were found in 9.9% (50 malignant mesotheliomas of the pleura, 10 pleural hyalinoses, 2 asbestos pleurisies). This comparatively high percentage is indicative of the pathogenic(More)
The diagnosis, judgment of stages and check of the course especially malignant lung diseases are further problematic. Tumourspecific laboratory tests don't exist absolutely, however the content of information of methods with a relatively high statement should be fully used. In serum of tumour patients was determined the enzymes LDH, Alpha-HBDH, ALD and AP;(More)
The authors start from the fact that till now was a declining attitude in face of the thoracoscopic lung biopsy. Under local anaesthesia any air embolism were happened with it. Moreover there was no optimal instrument for thoracoscopic lung biopsy. Beginning with pressure measurements of the intrathoracic cavity systems the authors research the conditions(More)
Under the conditions of the thoracoscopy under anaesthesia the behaviour of the haemodynamic measuring values is investigated in 10 patients of either sex. The time of intubation and the phase of the open thorax represent the most remarkable periods of examination which are parallel to the alterations of the arterial oxygen partial pressure and the pressure(More)