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Design methodologies of planar duplexer and triplexer consisting of bandpass filters (BPFs) using different tapped resonators are described. Firstly, we propose a planar duplexer consisting of BPFs using a tapped half-wavelength resonator and a tapped quarter-wavelength resonator. The duplexer is designed based on a classical filter design method with a(More)
Recent proteomic analyses revealed dynamic changes of metabolisms during rice grain development. Interestingly, proteins involved in glycolysis, citric acid cycle, lipid metabolism, and proteolysis were accumulated at higher levels in mature grain than those of developing stages. High temperature (HT) stress in rice ripening period causes damaged (chalky)(More)
In leaves, it is widely assumed that starch is the end-product of a metabolic pathway exclusively taking place in the chloroplast that (a) involves plastidic phosphoglucomutase (pPGM), ADPglucose (ADPG) pyrophosphorylase (AGP) and starch synthase (SS), and (b) is linked to the Calvin-Benson cycle by means of the plastidic phosphoglucose isomerase (pPGI).(More)
An active cancellation circuit using two detection bands for large digital circuit is proposed. A variation of an optimum transconductance of cancellation amplifier for a noise source position on the proposed circuit becomes smaller than that on the conventional circuit. Noise reduction effects of the new version of active cancellation circuits are(More)
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