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We used voxel-based morphometry (VBM) to compare grey matter volume (GMV) between 20 migraine patients (five with aura and 15 without aura) with normal conventional magnetic resonance imaging findings and 33 healthy controls matched for age and sex. A separate analysis was also performed to delineate a possible correlation between the GMV changes and the(More)
Whereas there are many H(2)(15)O-positron emission tomography (PET) studies demonstrating neuronal activation during acute migraine attacks, little information is available on the interictal (headache-free period) glucose metabolic changes in migraine. We therefore conducted voxel-based statistical parametric mapping analysis of (18)F-fluorodeoxyglucose-PET(More)
BACKGROUND Parkinson's disease (PD) is a chronic progressive neurodegenerative disorder. Increasing attention has been focused on the pain and health-related quality of life (HrQOL) in patients with PD. Objective - To evaluate the relationship between pain and the HrQOL in patients with PD. METHODS Eighty-two patients with PD were included and classified(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although diagnostic lumbar selective nerve root blocks are often used to confirm the pain-generating nerve root level, the reported accuracy of these blocks has been variable and their usefulness is controversial. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of diagnostic lumbar selective nerve root blocks to analyze(More)
BACKGROUND Hirschsprung disease (HSCR) is a congenital bowel disease caused by the absence of nerve cells in portions of the intestine. Our recent genome-wide association study has identified a variant (rs1254900) of vesicle-associated membrane protein 5 (VAMP5) as a potential risk locus for total colonic aganglionosis (TCA) in HSCR. In addition, VAMP5 is a(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The method of treating an HIVD in the lumbar spine may depend on the integrity of the PLL. The purpose of this study was to analyze and compare the MR imaging findings of extraligamentous and subligamentous HIVDs in the lumbar spine. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred seventeen patients (M/F = 71:46; mean age, 47 years; age range,(More)
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