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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to characterize the injury response of extraocular muscles (EOMs) in adult zebrafish. METHODS Adult zebrafish underwent lateral rectus (LR) muscle myectomy surgery to remove 50% of the muscle, followed by molecular and cellular characterization of the tissue response to the injury. RESULTS Following myectomy, the LR(More)
  • K. W. Louie
  • 2006
This paper presents a new accurate phase-domain synchronous machine model for transient studies. Representing a generator directly in the physical phase-domain instead of the mathematical dqo-domain facilitates the interface of the machine model with rest of the power system, and allows the more accurate representation of internal machine phenomena, such as(More)
Cell identity involves both selective gene activity and specialization of cytoplasmic architecture and protein machinery. Similarly, reprogramming differentiated cells requires both genetic program alterations and remodeling of the cellular architecture. While changes in genetic and epigenetic programs have been well documented in dedifferentiating cells,(More)
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