K. W. Goh

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Recent rapid growth in mobile computing technologies enables telemedicine applications to operate on mobile devices. Our focus is on the design of an integrated electrocardiogram (ECG) beat detector on a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) platform for the health screening process. The ECG beat detector module will be supported by the PDA version of Personal(More)
In the next generation of Infocommunications, mobile Internet-enabled devices and third generation mobile communication networks have become reality, location based services (LBS) are expected to be a major area of growth. Providing information, content and services through positioning technologies forms the platform for new services for users and(More)
Advances in sensor technology, personal mobile devices, and wireless broadband communications are enabling the development of an integrated personal mobile health monitoring system that can provide patients with a useful tool to assess their own health and manage their personal health information anytime and anywhere. Personal mobile devices, such as PDAs(More)
A distributed personal health information management system (D-PHIMS) has been tested at a nursing home for the senior citizens (NHSC) in Singapore. The personal health information management system (PHIMS) from the University of Washington was customized to Singapore's context for teledermatology. A clinical trial commenced in October 2005 is ongoing and(More)
Distributed diagnosis and home healthcare aims to improve the quality of care and patient wellness and outcomes by transforming the delivery of healthcare from a central, hospital-based system to one that is more distributed and home-based. A personal health information management system (PHIMS) and a facilitated accurate referral management system (FARMS)(More)
ECG is a very important tool for cardiac health status measurement and detection of various diseases at their early stage. Thus, it will be helpful in providing such analysis on the move using a mobile device. The basic aim for such implementation would be an accurate, efficient yet light-weighted algorithm that is simple to implement on mobile. With a lot(More)
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