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We solve the joint open problems of photon localization and single-photon wave functions in the context of spontaneous emission from an excited atom in free space. Our wave functions are well-defined members of a discrete orthonormal function set. Both the degree and shape of the localization are controlled by entanglement mapping onto the atom wave(More)
Biocompatible nanomaterials and hydrogels have become an important tool for improving cell-based therapies by promoting cell survival and protecting cell transplants from immune rejection. Although their potential benefit has been widely evaluated, at present it is not possible to determine, in vivo, if and how long cells remain viable following their(More)
There is an increasing demand in the conceptual design for more intuitive methods for creating and modifying free-form curves and sueaces in CAD ,nodeling systems. The methods should be based not on1.v on the change of the mathematical parameters but almy on the user's specified constraints and shapes. Thrs paper presents a new surface representation model(More)