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OBJECTIVE The posterior subthalamic area (PSA) is an emerging but relatively unexplored target for DBS treatment of tremor. The aim of the study was to explore the area further by evaluating the spatial distribution and the characteristics of stimulation-induced side effects in this area. METHODS Twenty-eight patients with essential tremor (ET) implanted(More)
Although most mesotheliomas present with pleural effusions, it is controversial whether mesothelioma can be diagnosed with confidence in effusion cytology. Therefore, an ancillary marker of malignant mesothelial cells applicable in effusions would be clinically valuable. BRCA-1-associated protein (BAP1) is a tumor suppressor gene, which shows biallelic(More)
Knowledge of the optical properties of tissues can be applied in numerous medical and scientific fields, including cancer diagnostics and therapy. There are many different ways of determining the optical properties of turbid media. The paper describes measurements of the optical properties of porcine brain tissue using novel instrumentation for simultaneous(More)
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