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A significant reduction of absorption for single gamma photons has been experimentally observed by studying Mössbauer spectra of 57Fe in a FeCO3 crystal. The experimental results have been explained in terms of a quantum interference effect involving nuclear level anticrossing due to the presence of a combined magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole(More)
The spectroscopic quadrupole moment of the high-spin, high- K five-quasiparticle isomer (K(pi) = 35/2(-), T(1/2) = 750(80) ns, E(i) = 3349 keV) in (179)W has been determined using the level mixing spectroscopy method. A value Q(s) = 4.00(+0.83-1.06)e b was derived, which corresponds to an intrinsic quadrupole moment Q0 = 4.73(+0.98-1.25)e b and to a(More)
G. Neyens,1 N. Coulier,1 S. Teughels,1 G. Georgiev,1 B. A. Brown,2,3 W. F. Rogers,4 D. L. Balabanski,1,* R. Coussement,1 A. Lépine-Szily,5 M. Lewitowicz,6 W. Mittig,6 F. de Oliveira Santos,6 P. Roussel-Chomaz,6 S. Ternier,1 K. Vyvey,1 and D. Cortina-Gil7 1University of Leuven, Instituut voor Kern-en Stralingsfysika, Celestijnenlaan 200 D, B-3001 Leuven,(More)
D. L. Balabanski,1,2,* M. Ionescu-Bujor,3 A. Iordachescu,3 D. Bazzacco,4 F. Brandolini,4 D. Bucurescu,3 S. Chmel,5,† M. Danchev,6 M. De Poli,7 G. Georgiev,8 H. Haas,9,10 H. Hübel,5 N. Marginean,3,4,7 R. Menegazzo,4 G. Neyens,1 P. Pavan,4 C. Rossi Alvarez,4 C. A. Ur,3,4 K. Vyvey,1 and S. Frauendorf11 1Instituut voor Kernen Stralingsfysica, K.U. Leuven,(More)
The quadrupole moment of the 11(-) isomer in 196Pb has been measured by the level mixing spectroscopy method. This state has a pi(3s(-2)(1/2)1h(9/2)1i(13/2))11(-) configuration which is involved in most of the shears band heads in the Pb region. The first directly measured value of Q(s)(11(-)) = (-)3.41(66) b, coupled to the previously known quadrupole(More)
D. L. Balabanski,1,2 K. Vyvey,1 G. Neyens,1 N. Coulier,1 R. Coussement,1 G. Georgiev,1 A. Lèpine-Szily,1,3 S. Ternier,1 S. Teughels,1 M. Mineva,4 P. M. Walker,5 P. Blaha,6 D. Almehed,7 and S. Frauendorf7,8 1University of Leuven, IKS, Celestijnenlaan 200 D, B-3001 Leuven, Belgium 2Faculty of Physics, St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, BG-1164 Sofia,(More)
M. Trotta, J.L. Sida, N. Alamanos, A. Andreyev, F. Auger, D.L. Balabanski, C. Borcea, N. Coulier, A. Drouart, D.J.C. Durand, G. Georgiev, A. Gillibert, J.D. Hinnefeld, M. Huyse, C. Jouanne, V. Lapoux, A. L epine, A. Lumbroso, F. Marie, A. Musumarra, G. Neyens, S. Ottini, R. Raabe, S. Ternier, P. Van Duppen, K. Vyvey, C. Volant, R. Wolski 1DSM/DAPNIA CEA(More)
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