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A significant reduction of absorption for single gamma photons has been experimentally observed by studying Mössbauer spectra of 57Fe in a FeCO3 crystal. The experimental results have been explained in terms of a quantum interference effect involving nuclear level anticrossing due to the presence of a combined magnetic dipole and electric quadrupole(More)
The spectroscopic quadrupole moment of the high-spin, high- K five-quasiparticle isomer (K(pi) = 35/2(-), T(1/2) = 750(80) ns, E(i) = 3349 keV) in (179)W has been determined using the level mixing spectroscopy method. A value Q(s) = 4.00(+0.83-1.06)e b was derived, which corresponds to an intrinsic quadrupole moment Q0 = 4.73(+0.98-1.25)e b and to a(More)
The quadrupole moment of the 11(-) isomer in 196Pb has been measured by the level mixing spectroscopy method. This state has a pi(3s(-2)(1/2)1h(9/2)1i(13/2))11(-) configuration which is involved in most of the shears band heads in the Pb region. The first directly measured value of Q(s)(11(-)) = (-)3.41(66) b, coupled to the previously known quadrupole(More)
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