K. Vivekanandan

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The advancement in internet and multimedia technologies with years of constant progress in developing software tools to support education have reshaped the way knowledge is delivered allowing E-learning to emerge as a solution to conventional learning methods. It has turned out that the learning process can significantly be improved if the learning content(More)
Data Mining techniques plays a vital role like extraction of required knowledge, finding unsuspected information to make strategic decision in a novel way which in term understandable by domain experts. A generalized frame work is proposed by considering non – domain experts during mining process for better understanding, making better decision and better(More)
Genetic Algorithm (GA) is a popular heuristic method for dealing complex problems with very large search space. Among various phases of GA, the initial phase of population seeding plays an important role in deciding the span of GA to achieve the best fit w.r.t. the time. In other words, the quality of individual solutions generated in the initial population(More)
Missing data is a common feature for large data sets in general. Imputation is a class of procedures that aims to fill the missing values with estimated ones. This method involves replacing missing values with estimated ones based on some information available in the data set. One advantage of this approach is that the imputation phase is separated from the(More)
Various kinds of audio and video data are generated everyday like audio and video chatting, blog posts, e-communities, social networks, customer reviews on wide range of products and online audio and video helpline for different technical problems. Providing keywords for these audio files, thus allow the users to quickly grab the gist of the lengthy(More)
Businesses invest in developing information systems resources to gain competitive advantages. Literature has demonstrated the requirement of strategic alignment in converting these competitive advantages into sustained superior business performance. The knowledge of information systems strategic orientation and its relationship with business performance(More)
Keywords play a vital role in extracting the correct information as per user requirements. Keywords are like index terms that contain the most important information about the content of the document. Keyword Extraction is the task of identifying a keyword or keyphrase from a document that can help users easily to understand the documents. Meeting(More)