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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare efficacy between the single non-compression titanium miniplate and single three-dimensional titanium miniplate in mandibular angle fracture treatment. METHOD AND MATERIALS A prospective study of 20 patients with mandibular angle fractures. Patients were randomly categorized into two groups with 10 patients in(More)
The ApoE gene responsible for the Alzheimer's disease has been examined to identify functional consequences of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Eighty-eight SNPs have been identified in the ApoE gene in which 31 are found to be nonsynonymous, 8 of them are coding synonymous, 33 are found to be in intron, and 3 are in untranslated region. The SNPs(More)
BACKGROUND Trismus is a problem commonly encountered by the dental practitioner. It has a number of potential causes, and its treatment will depend on the cause. However, there are very few reports of trismus due to fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) following third molar surgery. CLINICAL PRESENTATION FOP is a rare human genetic disorder with(More)
This paper discusses the treatment of impacted permanent incisors and unerupted ectopic canine associated with a dentigerous cyst in mixed dentition that was successfully managed by the combined approach of decompression followed by enucleation, primary closure, autotransplantation and endodontic therapy which enabled the utilization of teeth which were(More)
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