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BACKGROUND Scorpion venoms cause a massive release of neurotransmitters. Either anti-scorpion venom serum (AScVS) or prazosin has been used in the management of severe scorpion envenomation. AIMS To compare the time taken for clinical recovery by patients with severe scorpion envenomation after AScVS therapy with that following prazosin therapy. (More)
BACKGROUND Alcohol and tobacco abuse are detrimental to general and oral health. Though the effects of these harmful habits on oral mucosa had been demonstrated, their independent and combined effect on the dental caries experience is unknown and worthy of investigation. MATERIALS AND METHODS We compared 268 alcohol-only abusers with 2426 alcohol and(More)
BACKGROUND Warts are a common chronic skin disorder that can be cosmetically disfiguring and, depending on the location, cause inhibition of function. The presence of dozens of topical and systemic treatments for warts is a testament to the lack of a rapid, simple, uniformly effective, inexpensive, nonscarring, and painless treatment. AIM The purpose of(More)
Septins belong to the GTPase superclass of conserved proteins and have been identified to play a role in diverse aspects of cell biology, from cytokinesis to the maintenance of cellular morphology. At least 14 septins have been identified in humans. With their complex patterns in gene expressions and interaction, it has been reported that alterations in(More)
Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) var. Mattu Gulla (MG) and var. Perampalli Gulla (PG) are unique varieties with distinct flavour cultivated in Udupi, Karnataka State, and are exposed to several biotic and abiotic stresses. An efficient and reproducible in vitro regeneration method is required to expedite the manipulation of these brinjal varieties to cope up(More)
Current day Internet is vulnerable to a variety of attacks during routing between Autonomous Systems (ASes). Routing between ASes in the internet is taken care of by standard de-facto inter-domain protocol called Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP generally performs the hearsay technique for propagating the route for an IP prefix. Each BGP speaker(More)
The cloud database as a service helps in several internet based applications, but it faces several confidentiality problems. Hence to improve data confidentiality in terms of scalability and availability, a new model namely Security as a Service (SECaaS) model is being introduced that uses quantum encryption scheme. Quantum cryptography is rapidly(More)
Modern Embedded multiprocessor design presents challenges and opportunities that stem from task coarse granularity and the large number of inputs and outputs for each task. They are complex systems that often require years to design and verify. A significant factor is that engineers must allocate a disproportionate share of their effort to ensure that(More)
An efficient way of ensuring security in cloud is to give secure data access control among untrusted cloud server. Hence to improve the security, a new system could be introduced such as Quantum Security Scheme which invokes Quantum gates for encryption purpose. Quantum cryptography has been rapidly developing these days due to its efficient service which(More)