K. Vidya Sudarshan

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In laboratory rats (Rattus norvegicus) aged 1 to 21 days emergence of postural and locomotor skills was studied in the open field and in experimental situations with homing used as motivation. Righting is mediated initially by curving and rocking of the trunk, later head and shoulder are rotated, and lastly the hindlimbs turn and provide co-ordinated(More)
OBJECTIVES Most data on self-poisoning in rural Asia have come from secondary hospitals. We aimed to: assess how transfers from primary to secondary hospitals affected estimates of case-fatality ratio (CFR); determine whether there was referral bias according to gender or poison; and estimate the annual incidence of all self-poisoning, and of fatal(More)
OBJECTIVE The 10-20% case fatality found with self-poisoning in the developing world differs markedly from the 0.5% found in the West. This may explain in part why the recent movement away from the use of gastric lavage in the West has not been followed in the developing world. After noting probable harm from gastric lavage in Sri Lanka, we performed an(More)