K Venkateswar Rao

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The search for ferromagnetism above room temperature in dilute magnetic semiconductors has been intense in recent years. We report the first observations of ferromagnetism above room temperature for dilute (<4 at.%) Mn-doped ZnO. The Mn is found to carry an average magnetic moment of 0.16 mu(B) per ion. Our ab initio calculations find a valance state of(More)
Magnetite nanoparticles have been prepared by co-precipitation using a custom-designed jet mixer to achieve rapid mixing (RM) of reactants in a timescale of milliseconds. The quick and stable nucleation obtained allows control of the particle size and size distribution via a more defined growth process. Nanoparticles of different sizes were prepared by(More)
Ferromagnetic ordering at room temperature (RTFM) in MgO thin films deposited by RF magnetron sputtering under various atmospheric conditions and temperatures is reported. A saturation magnetization (M(S)) value as high as 1.58 emu g(-1) is (0.046 μB/unit cell) observed for a 170 nm film deposited at RT under an oxygen pressure of 1.3 × 10(-4) mbar. In(More)
We report a systematic study of room-temperature ferromagnetism (RTFM) in pristine MgO thin films in their amorphous and nano-crystalline states. The as deposited dc-sputtered films of pristine MgO on Si substrates using a metallic Mg target in an O₂ containing working gas atmosphere of (N₂ + O₂) are found to be X-ray amorphous. All these films obtained(More)
We report an unusual robust ferromagnetic order above room temperature upon amorphization of perovskite [YCrO3] in pulsed laser deposited thin films. This is contrary to the usual expected formation of a spin glass magnetic state in the resulting disordered structure. To understand the underlying physics of this phenomenon, we combine advanced spectroscopic(More)
Understanding the nature and characteristics of the intrinsic defects and impurities in the dielectric barrier separating the ferromagnetic electrodes in a magnetic tunneling junction is of great importance for understanding the often observed 'barrier-breakdown' therein. In this connection, we present herein systematic experimental (SQUID and(More)
This research " Designing Dependable Web Services Security Architecture Solutions " addresses the innovative idea of Web Services Security Engineering using Web Services Security Architecture with a research motivation of Secure Service Oriented Analysis and Design. It deals with Web Services Security Architecture for Web Services Secure application design,(More)
A simple versatile desktop instrument for the measurement of Faraday rotation in the ultraviolet range has been designed and constructed. A high pressure short arc mercury lamp is used for the light source. By using interference filter for mercury, the desired wavelength of the available lines for mercury (e.g., 365, 405, and 436 nm) is selected. Our(More)