K. Venkatachalam

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An improved calculation of ferrite core loss for nonsinusoidal waveforms separates a flux trajectory into major and minor loops via a new recursive algorithm. It is highly accurate and outperforms two previous methods for our measured data. The only characteristics of the material required are the standard Steinmetz-equation parameters.
Thin-film V-groove inductors for microprocessor power delivery are discussed. A 10-MHz, 3.3-V to 1.1-V, 7-A dc–dc converter with V-groove inductors has been predicted to have an efficiency of 88% and power density of 60 W of output power per cm of substrate area. The first prototype inductors with composite granular Co-ZrO2 thin-films were fabricated with(More)
In this paper, eight-channel wavelength-division demultiplexer (WDDM) is proposed and designed using two-dimensional photonic crystal (2DPC) ring resonator whose corresponding functional parameters such as transmission efficiency, resonant wavelength, Q factor are investigated. The proposed structure consists of bus waveguide, dropping waveguide and square(More)
The main objective of third and future wireless mobile communication networks is to provide services efficiently to the mobile users in all environments. In wireless mobile Communication the channel allocation and quality of service are the major factors and important issues to decide the system performance. Here in our work a Hybrid Channel(More)
The main aim of future wireless multimedia networks is to provide sufficient amount of resource to a multimedia call. Reserving required amount of resource in advance to a future new and handoff call is better than rejecting a call at neck of the moment due to insufficient resource at a particular time. This paper presents an efficient handoff resource(More)
In this paper, two dimensional photonic crystal ring resonator based demultiplexer is proposed and its characteristics, namely, transmission efficiency, Q factor, resonant wavelength and crosstalk are investigated. The demultiplexing is done by altering the structural parameter values of the structure such as radius of the rod, lattice constant and(More)
In this study a novel algorithm is proposed for image denoising using Modified Adaptive Median Filter (MAMF) on digital images. The proposed algorithm replaces the noisy pixel by trimmed median value when other pixel values, 0’s and 255’s are present in the selected window and when all the pixel values are 0’s and 255’s hence the noise pixel is replaced by(More)
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