K. Venkatachalam

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I n part II of this series, using the background covered in part I on electrogram acquisition and signal processing, we discuss potential errors in mapping because of artifact or inappropriate filtering of signals that may lead to unsuitable selection of ablation sites. If a 3-mV peak signal is being amplified at a gain of 5000, the final output will be 15(More)
The main objective of third and future wireless mobile communication networks is to provide services efficiently to the mobile users in all environments. In wireless mobile Communication the channel allocation and quality of service are the major factors and important issues to decide the system performance. Here in our work a Hybrid Channel(More)
In this paper, eight-channel wavelength-division demultiplexer (WDDM) is proposed and designed using two-dimensional photonic crystal (2DPC) ring resonator whose corresponding functional parameters such as transmission efficiency, resonant wavelength, Q factor are investigated. The proposed structure consists of bus waveguide, dropping waveguide and square(More)
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