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An instrument in neurologic rehabilitation for the assessment of a person's clarity of consciousness must fulfill the need to provide the rehabilitation team with some information regarding the structuring of the rehabilitation process. The Vienna Vigilance Score is oriented toward cooperation within the rehabilitation team with the specific advantage of(More)
We report about 38 patients aged between 1 and 19 years (36.8% female, 63.2% male; mean age 7.8 years) admitted as inpatients for further neurorehabilitation mostly 4 weeks after severe acquired brain injury (ABI) of different aetiology. Of the patients, 73.7% were in a state of minimal responsiveness (vigilance score < 7 WVS) on admission. We evaluate the(More)
Low birth weight babies and sick full-term babies, who require total parenteral nutrition and repeated intravenous applications of drugs, which irritate peripheral veins, very often need a reliable central venous catheter. The aim of our paper was to study prospectively the efficiency and the complications of peripheral percutaneous Silastic-catheters. Over(More)
In Österreich ist die Umsetzung einer bundesweiten Regelung für die Rehabilitation bei Kindern und Jugendlichen dringend geboten. Es bedarf einerseits einer gesetzlichen Regelung der Zuständigkeiten und Finanzierung, andererseits der Errichtung kinderspezifischer indikationsübergreifender Rehabilitationseinrichtungen, die qualitätsgesichert nach definierten(More)
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