K Vasudeva Rao

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BACKGROUND The introduction of surgical stapling instruments has widened the use of restorative proctocolectomy. Too high a distal transection of the rectum can, however, produce a retained rectal stump, which may cause symptoms. A study of the operative and functional data in a consecutive series of patients undergoing salvage surgery for retained rectal(More)
During the last 12 years 400 renal allograft biopsies have been performed at this institution to facilitate the differential diagnosis of post-transplant renal dysfunction. Of these cases significant urological complications occurred in 3. In 1 patient a caliceal cutaneous fistula developed after an open surgical biopsy, which required nephrostomy drainage(More)
Procainamide-induced systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a well recognized clinical syndrome believed to be characterized by normocomplementemia. However, in 7 cases of drug-induced SLE recorded in the literature, hypocomplementemia was found. The present report concerns a well documented case of procainamide-induce SLE with hypocomplementemia. The(More)
Aim: To compare both techniques for operative & postop complications, operative time & hospital stay. Methods: This prospective study was conducted from February 2010 to June 2012. It included patients having reducible inguinal hernia, and fit for general anesthesia, operated by either TAPP or TEP technique. Type of the technique was decided by the surgeon,(More)
Different modes of iron depletion and repletion were studied in monkeys to understand the sequential changes in and the relative importance of different biochemical indicators of iron status. Six control monkeys were divided into two groups, one was fed an iron-deficient diet (group 1) and the other underwent phlebotomy in addition to receiving an(More)