K. Vaibhav Srivastava

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In this paper, a novel dielectric-resonator (DR) structure, called a modified ring resonator, has been proposed. In a microwave integrated-circuit configuration, the ring DR shape is modified in such a way that, for the TE/sub 01/spl delta// mode, the nearest hybrid (or TM/sub 01/spl delta//) modes are pushed farther to provide a higher mode separation(More)
In this paper a novel dielectric resonator structure of modified ring resonator with an improved mode separation simultaneous to no deterioration of Q-factor in the mode of interest is proposed. From the analysis carried out for TEols mode the ring dielectric resonator shape is modified in such a way that the nearest hybrid (or TMOls) modes are pushed(More)
In this paper, an efficient modeling technique has been presented for interfaced field in finite difference time domain analysis. Present modeling technique gives the more accurate results over the conventional modeling technique in FDTD method. In present modeling technique, only selective fields are updated with average permittivity at the interfaces.(More)
In this paper, an accurate numerical dispersion relationship is developed for 3-D ADI FDTD with artificial anisotropy. The numerical dispersion relation with accurate mathematical model helps to calculate the anisotropic parameters, which are used to control the error of the numerical phase velocity. Numerical example shows that the proposed method helps to(More)
In this paper, a full wave modal analysis is performed on four symmetric and asymmetric parallel-coupled microstrip lines and symmetric five-coupled microstrip lines in suspended substrates structures. The numerical procedure based on the modal analysis, is formulated to compute all the frequency-dependent normal mode parameters of four coupled microstrip(More)
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