K Vaez-Zadeh

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During the period 1966-1976, 32 children from 6-16 years of age were admitted to the surgical service of Nemazee Hospital for hydatid disease. There were 16 males and 16 females. Eighteen patients had cysts of the liver, 13 had cysts of the lungs and 1 had a cyst of the orbit. Sixteen patients each had multiple cysts and 16 each had a single cyst. The(More)
Techniques of counter immuno-electrophoresis (CIEP), crossed electro-immunodiffusion (CEID) and agar gel diffusion (AGD) were used for diagnosis of hydatid disease. Sera were obtained from suspected patients before surgery and the antigens used were either human hydatid fluid (HHF) or sheep hydatid fluid (SHF). Out of the 29 suspected cases, 21 were(More)
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