K. V. V. S. Reddy

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Vibrio vulnificus is a pathogenic gram-negative bacterium, endemic to brackish waters, which is often isolated from sediments, from the water column or from shellfish. It is associated with wound infections and septicemia in humans and the virulence of V. vulnificus has been strongly associated with encapsulation. The capsular polysaccharide purified from a(More)
Handwritten character and digit recognition plays important role in the modern world. It can solve more complex problems and makes human's job easier. There are different techniques that can be used to recognize handwritten digits and characters. In this paper we use the multilayer perception artificial neural network to recognize the handwritten digits and(More)
Closeness is described as a privacy measure and its advantages are illustrated through examples and experiments on a real dataset. In this Paper the closeness can be verified by giving different values for N and T. Government agencies and other organizations often need to publish micro data, e. g. , medical data or census data, for research and other(More)
Security in the cloud is the top most concern. To achieve trust and preserve the privacy of data stored in third-party cloud storage has emerged as a key research area. To achieve this, several different techniques have been proposed based on cryptography. Secret sharing schemes and chaos based encryption have also been considered to address these issues of(More)
The Adaptive bilateral filter is able to smooth the noise, while enhancing edges and textures in the image. Morphology operations such as dilation, erosion, opening and closing are offering a quality Sharpening enhancement. The performance of the filter is to be improved by including the mathematical morphology operations along with adaptive bilateral(More)
A new speech enhancement approach is proposed to dual channel enhancement systems based on a recently developed meta-heuristic algorithm called Bat Algorithm (BA). Bat algorithm is a bio inspired algorithm which is based on echolocation behavior of micro bats. BA uses frequency technique to increase the diversity in the search space and it also uses(More)