K V Solov'ev

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Three-dimensional reconstruction of cytoarchitectonic relations of the main components of the nervous tissue appears to be an important, yet an extremely laborious task of neuromorphology. The aims of the present study were: to develop the method permitting accurate visualization of astrocytes in rat brain slices thicker then 30 microm, to create an(More)
Bradykinin B2 receptor is involved in many processes, including the regulation of blood pressure and smooth muscle contraction, vasodilation, inflammation, edema, cell proliferation, pain. It is suggested that this receptor may be one of the factors that have cardioprotective and infarct-limiting effects. It is assumed that certain genetic variants in both(More)
A comparative study of growth cone morphology in cultured embryonic neurons derived from wild type PS 1(+/+) and knockout PS 1(-/-) mice has been performed. Growth cones from wild type PS 1(+/+) mice were well spread and usually formed radially continuous and regular lamellar extensions with numerous filopodia. In contrast, most growth cones from knockout(More)
A new approach: comparative analysis of proteins of the pellets of crude cell lysates of isogenic strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae differing by their prion composition permitted to identify a large group of prion-associated proteins in yeast cells. 2D-electrophoresis followed by MALDI-analysis of a recipient [psi-] strain and of [PSI+] cytoductant led to(More)
Earlier, it was established that polymorphism of minisatellite UPS29 located in one of introns of human gene CENTB5 (ACAP3) was associated with Parkinson's disease and epilepsy. The main aim of this work was to elucidate if that minisatellite could regulate reporter gene activity, and if such activity was tissue (cell)-specific. To this end there was used(More)
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