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Traditional ways of test automation are giving ways to newer paradigms It is early 2007 and insurers are looking at a year more competitive than ever before. As the market place is changing at a feverish pace, agility and flexibility are the keys to survival. It is essential that insurance technologists look at their insurance systems and ask three key(More)
Congestion control is a key problem in mobile ad-hoc networks. Congestion has a severe impact on the throughput, routing and performance. Identifying the occurrence of congestion in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a challenging task. The congestion control techniques provided by Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is specially designed for wired(More)
This research paper proposes the findings of the accuracy of the result by using the K-Means clustering technique in prediction of heart disease diagnosis with real and artificial datasets. K-Means Clustering is a method of cluster analysis which aims to partition n observations into k clusters in which each observation belongs to the cluster with the(More)
Identifying the occurrence of congestion in a Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a major task. The inbuilt congestion control techniques of existing Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) designed for wired networks do not handle the unique properties of shared wireless multi-hop link. There are several approaches proposed for detecting and overcoming the(More)
Various Optimization techniques for reducing power consumption is studied and analyzed as presented in the thesis. As part of the experimental work a power management controller is designed which controls and monitors the power consumption of the peripherals. DFS, Clock gating and power down mode are illustrated with results.
A novel method of design & development of an intrusion development system through design patterns is presented in this paper. Large scale use of computers and networking in various day to day businesses and individual communication applications has given rise to security issues. The process of monitoring the events occurring in a computer network and(More)