K V Radhakrishnan

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The food composition of Great Cormorant (Phalacrocorax carbo) was studied by analyzing 360 faecal samples collected from their roosting sites at the East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve in south-central China during November 2008 and January 2009. A total of 223 fish otoliths were retrieved. Only sagittal otoliths (N = 74) with intact margins, good(More)
Eight known phytochemicals, four sesquiterpenes and four flavonoids of Zingiber zerumbet were screened against α-glucosidase enzyme, aldose reductase enzyme and antiglycation property under in vitro conditions. The results established kaempferol-3-O-methylether as a potent inhibitor of α-glucosidase enzyme with an IC50 value of 7.88 μM. In aldose reductase(More)
Rock carp Procypris rabaudi is a vulnerable endemic fish in the upper Yangtze River. Hatchery release has been carried out as a major stock enhancement strategy for this species. Ten microsatellite loci were chosen to compare genetic variation between one wild population and two hatchery groups to evaluate the potential impacts of hatchery release on the(More)
An efficient stereoselective route for the synthesis of cyclopentene fused 2-pyrrolines has been established via a Pd-catalyzed C-H activation/oxidative coupling of aryl enamides with diazabicyclic olefins. The proposed two-stage mechanism was successfully proven by isolating the intermediate trans-disubstituted cyclopentene.
A newly synthesised zerumbone pendant derivative (ZPD) was studied in human cervical cancer cells (HeLa) for its anticancer properties. ZPD significantly inhibited the growth of human cervical cancer cells with a GI50 value of 6.35 ± 1.30 μM, which also induced morphological changes and apoptosis in a dose-dependent manner. Our data indicated that ZPD(More)
A novel palladium catalyzed protocol for the synthesis of cyclopentene fused heterocycles from diazabicyclic alkenes and ortho-functionalized aryliodides has been elaborated. The reaction can be tuned toward the formation of either 3,4-disubstituted cyclopentenes or cyclopentene fused heterocycles by careful manipulation of the reaction parameters. A number(More)
An efficient one pot strategy for the synthesis of cyclopentene fused chromanone derivatives through the direct oxidative coupling of salicylaldehydes with bicyclic olefins in the presence of a rhodium-copper catalyst system is described. This is the first report on the ring opening-ring closing of bicyclic hydrazines via metal catalyzed oxidative coupling(More)
The palladium catalyzed 1,8-conjugate addition of heptafulvene, an antiaromatic conjugated 8π-electron system, is discussed. The method is utilized for the concise synthesis of bis-functionalized cycloheptatriene (CHT) derivatives. This is the first report on the palladium catalyzed bisfunctionalization of a cyclic cross conjugated system.