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Telugu is an Indian language spoken by more than 50 million people in the country. Language is very rich in literature, and it requires advancements in computational approaches. Applications like machine translation, Speech recognition, speech synthesis and Information retrieval need a powerful morphological generator to give morphological forms of nouns(More)
In recent decades, Speech interactive systems gained increasing importance. To develop Dictation System like Dragon for Indian languages it is most important to adapt the system to a speaker with minimum training. In this paper we focus on the importance of creating speech database at syllable units and identifying minimum text to be considered while(More)
In this paper we concentrated on image retrieval system in early days many user interactive systems performed with basic concepts but such systems are not reaching to the user specifications and not attracted to the user so a lot of research interest in recent years with new specifications , recent approaches have user is interested in friendly interacted(More)
Image searching is often done in the world of computer visualization. Time and again users get to see many new digital images uploaded on web. They are fascinated towards automatic image retrieval. In the past few years, many methods were introduced to retrieve images which were based on similarity of size and shape of the image. Content Based Image(More)
Building a speech recognition system for Indian languages is an open question and requires focus. This paper highlights on a new model for speech recognition system and uses syllable as the basic unit. This model has five phases, the first three phases focused on training the data and building Trie structure to reduce the time and space and the last two(More)
Intrusion behavior and detection analysis particularly rely upon the type of data. Most of the datasets used in intrusion analysis are heterogeneous and imbalanced data sets. In these data sets, the features vary with a huge difference in between and within the feature values. This is very effective while taking decision, especially in the supervised(More)
Pinpointing the intrusion from the available huge intrusion data is demanding. Intrusion detection is treated as a data analysis problem. The process of finding accurate intrusion is typical in real world scenarios. For improving accurate identification of intrusions data mining approaches are adopted and proved automatic analysis with improved performance.(More)
Recent advancements in mobile technologies have designed a new kind of device: the smart phone. Smart phones have become quintessential for a large fraction of people in developed as well as developing countries in their day to day life. The device integrates a number of sensor technologies for automatic observation which can provide data with high accuracy(More)
MANET is a dynamic network which is used extensively today due to its diverse applications in several fields like military battlefield, disaster relief operations, etc. Since MANET has a mobile topology, the position of every node keeps changing from time to time. Hence, during data transmission, several nodes enter and leave the network. As a result,(More)
Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) is extremely susceptible to more attacks owing to its characteristics such as mobility and dynamic topology changes. In particular, routing process in MANET is aimed by more adversaries for various attacks to ruin the data transmission. In this paper, we introduce a combined technique for attack monitoring and risk assessment in(More)