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In recent decades, Speech interactive systems gained increasing importance. To develop Dictation System like Dragon for Indian languages it is most important to adapt the system to a speaker with minimum training. In this paper we focus on the importance of creating speech database at syllable units and identifying minimum text to be considered while(More)
In this paper we concentrated on image retrieval system in early days many user interactive systems performed with basic concepts but such systems are not reaching to the user specifications and not attracted to the user so a lot of research interest in recent years with new specifications , recent approaches have user is interested in friendly interacted(More)
Human behavior is essentially social and humans start their daily routines by interacting with others. There are many forms of social interactions and we have used mobile phone based social interaction features and social surveys for finding human stress behavior. For this, we gathered mobile phone call logs data set containing 111,444 voice calls of 131(More)
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