K V N Satya Srinivas

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A new series of 1,9-acetals of forskolin were synthesized by treating with aromatic and aliphatic aldehydes using Ceric ammonium nitrate as catalyst and evaluated for anticancer and α-glucosidase inhibition activities. Among the synthesized compounds 2a, 2b and 3a showed potential cytotoxic activity towards human cancer cell lines MCF-7 (Human Breast(More)
BACKGROUND Ledebouria is a genus of deciduous or weakly evergreen bulbs in the Hyacinthaceae family. This is recognized as the first collection made of the new taxon Ledebouria hyderabadensis, exist in the Hyderabad city of Andhra Pradesh, India. OBJECTIVE The goal of this work was to investigate the phytochemical constituents present in the new specifies(More)
A series of eleven novel bisindole derivatives were synthesized and screened for anticancer and antiobesity potentials in in vitro mode. The reaction of 1-ethoxy carbonyl 4-pyperidone 1a with indole-3-carboxaldehyde 1b in presence of catalytic amount of piperidine gave 2 which was N-alkylated with different benzyl halides in the presence of potassium(More)
A simple and efficient method for the selective synthesis of 2-pyrdones from 4H-pyrans using iodine as catalyst and ethanol as solvent was developed. The present method is equally effective for both aromatic and hetero aromatic ring containing 4H-pyrans. The compatibility with various functional groups, mild reaction conditions, high yields and application(More)
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