K. V. Geetha

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In this paper, Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) based model for non-instantaneous deteriorating items with permissible delay in payments is proposed. This model aids in minimizing the total inventory cost by finding an optimal replenishment policy. In this model shortages are allowed and partially backlogged. The backlogging rate is variable and dependent on(More)
In this paper, we present an optical neural network based face detection system. Unlike similar systems which are limited to detecting upright, frontal faces, this system detects faces at any degree of rotation in the image plane. The system employs multiple networks; the first is an orientation network which processes each input window to determine its(More)
Abstract. We have combined the Laplace transform and the Stieltjes transform of the form f̂(x) = R∞ 0 f(t) (xm+tm)ρ dt, m, ρ > 0 and applied it to an ordered vector space of generalized functions to which the topology of bounded convergence is assigned. Some of the order properties of the transform and its inverse are studied. Also we solve an initial value(More)
The photoinduced charge separation and subsequent transport under an external electric field is studied in the family of poly[bipyridine/(p-phenylene-vinylene)n] derivatives having n ) 0, 1, and 3, respectively, p-phenylenevinylene subunits separating the bipyridylene vinylene skeleton. Steady-state photocurrent of the polymers is studied in sandwich and(More)
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