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INTRODUCTION The cervical vertebral maturation (CVM) method is a vital tool for assessing the biological maturation of the orthodontic patient to evaluate the amount of mandibular bone growth left. AIM To assess and visualize the cervical vertebral morphology (bone density) of orthodontic patients of the age group 9,16,27 years. MATERIAL AND METHODS(More)
INTRODUCTION The application of light and continuous forces for optimum physiological response and the least damage to the tooth supporting structures should be the primary aim of an orthodontist. Nickel-titanium (NiTi) alloys with their desirable properties are one of the natural choices of the clinicians. AIM This study was aimed to compare and rank(More)
Biometric based Personal authentication is still active research problem due to various issues such as providing high accuracy, computationally less complex feature extraction method and fusion strategy of multiple feature information. In this work we propose a personal authentication system using one such hand based biometric trait, Finger Back Knuckle(More)
Protocols are commonly used today to connect IP blocks on structured SoCs. Generally Protocol is the backbone of the SoC and its failure usually leads to a non-functional chip. In present market, various types of standard protocols are available and are used in SoC which requires a bridge to pass the information from one type of protocol to other type of(More)
— In this paper a new authentication system using Finger Back Knuckle Surface is examined. This paper is intended to propose an effectual method for personal authentication using Finger Back Knuckle Surface. This method take advantage of the less number of features extracted from the Finger Back Knuckle Surface and the Angular geometric analysis is done to(More)
— Bio met ric based personal recognition is an efficient method for identifying a person. Recently, hand based biometric has become popular due to its various advantages such as high verificat ion accuracy and high user acceptability. This paper proposes a hybrid model using an emerging hand based biometric trait known as Finger Back Knuckle Surface. This(More)
This paper presents a technique for the generation of Binary Orthogonal Codes using Gray and Inverse Gray codes. Orthogonal codes and Pseudo random Noise codes are used as spreading sequences in multiuser communications. The Spreading codes are also referred to as spreading sequences. Walsh Codes, Gold Codes, Maximal Length sequences, Barker Codes and(More)
Software development is a mentally complicated task. Different software development methodologies and quality assurance methods are used in order to attain high quality, reliable, and bug free software. eXtreme Programming (XP) is a software development discipline in the family of agile methodologies that contributes towards quality improvement using dozen(More)
Benign fibrous histiocytoma is such a rare tumour that only a few cases have been reported in the literature. A patient with an apparently benign lesion of the distal radius, along with congenital dislocation of the radial head, was presented at St. John's Medical College Hospital in Bangalore, India. Pain was the chief symptom. There were histological(More)
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