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This paper presents a technique for the generation of Binary Orthogonal Codes using Gray and Inverse Gray codes. Orthogonal codes and Pseudo random Noise codes are used as spreading sequences in multiuser communications. The Spreading codes are also referred to as spreading sequences. Walsh Codes, Gold Codes, Maximal Length sequences, Barker Codes and(More)
Internal hernia is herniation of a viscus, usually in the small bowel, through a normal or abnormal aperture within the peritoneal cavity. Its incidence has been reported to be one to two per cent. Internal hernias are classified based on location, and the hernial orifice can be either congenital or acquired. Paraduodenal hernias are the most common type(More)
—This paper presents a theoretical model and a system concept to provide a smart electronic aid for blind people. This system is intended to provide overall measures –object detection and real-time assistance via Global Positioning System(GPS).The system consist of ultrasonic sensor, GPS Module, GSM Module and vibratory circuit(speakers or head phones).(More)
In this paper a new authentication system using Finger Knuckle Surface is examined. This introduces a personal authentication system that can simultaneously extract and exploit Finger back Knuckle surface geometrical features. Unlike, existing work on hand and finger geometrical methods which mainly concentrates of features extraction and recognition, this(More)
IgM and IgG anti A and anti B antibody status of 100 antenatal O group mothers (who had non O group husbands) were studied. Of these, 3 mothers had an IgM anti A antibody levels ranging from 1:512 to 1:2048 and IgG ranging from 1:1204 to 1:2048, IgM anti B ranging from 1:128 to 1:512 and IgG anti B ranging from 1:256 to 1:512. All these mothers had A + ve(More)
Biometric based Personal authentication is still active research problem due to various issues such as providing high accuracy, computationally less complex feature extraction method and fusion strategy of multiple feature information. In this work we propose a personal authentication system using one such hand based biometric trait, Finger Back Knuckle(More)
Analysis of fifty genotypes of guava for fruit quality attributes such as total soluble solids, lycopene, ascorbic acid and total antioxidant level of fruits revealed the existence of a wide genetic variability for these quality traits. Range of variation for fruit total soluble solids (TSS), lycopene and total antioxidant was 14.19–6.60 %, 0.51–3.03 [mg(More)
This paper proposes an aspect based approach for sentiment analysis in Malayalam movie and product reviews. Sentiment Analysis is a cognitive process in which user's feeling and emotions are extracted. Now a day's people use social networking sites to discuss about movie reviews and product reviews so that internet itself can act as a recommendation system(More)
In real time biometric based authentication environments, wavelet based functions are widely incorporated as one of the promising methods for feature extraction of biometric traits. In this paper, we propose a novel finger knuckle print (FKP) recognition technique based on Haar-Wavelet Transform (HWT). Haar - Wavelet transform is used to transform the(More)