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Bearings consisting of permanent magnets stably levitated over high-temperature superconductors exhibit low rotational drag and have the potential to enable high-efficiency flywheel energy storage. The coefficient of friction /spl mu/ for such storage systems is derived as a function of bearing parameters and is shown to be an appropriate figure of merit to(More)
High-temperature-superconducting (HTS) bearings have the potential to reduce rotor idling losses and make flywheel energy storage economical. Demonstration of large, high-speed flywheels is key to market penetration, Toward this goal, we have developed and tested a flywheel system with 5- to 15-kg disk-shaped rotors. Rim speeds exceeded 400 m/s, and stored(More)
Groups of rhesus monkeys were inoculated with: 1) simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)B670 alone; 2) Mycobacterium leprae alone; 3) SIV plus M. leprae on the same day; and 4) M. leprae 2 weeks after SIV. Animals were monitored at intervals for virus loads, antibody responses to M. leprae glycolipid antigens and to SIV Gp120, T-cell CD4+ and CD4+ CD29+ subset(More)
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