K. Udaya Chandrika

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A study of genetic diversity in Pongamia pinnata representing 33 candidate plus trees (CPT) was undertaken in five agro-ecological zones of Southern Peninsular India. Eleven primer combinations generated 532 bands with an average of 48 bands per primer combination. E-ACG/M-GCC showed the highest polymorphism of 98.80 %. E-ACG/M-GCC, E-CAA/M-CTG, and(More)
This paper is concerned with the analysis of a single server retrial queue with vacation and orbital search. The server is subject to starting failure and repair. At the completion epoch of each service, the server may take a single vacation. After vacation completion, the server searches for the customers in the orbit or remains idle. Retrial times,(More)
Design and implementation of an integrated boost full bridge resonant converter with low circulating energy, galvanic isolation, simple control, as well as simple gate drive and control and high efficiency across a wide input and load range. Photovoltaic effect is used for power conditioning required maximum power point tracking to counteract the effects of(More)
Abstract A single server batch arrival retrial queue with server vacation under Bernoulli schedule is considered. Arrivals are controlled according to the state of the server. The necessary and sufficient condition for the system to be stable is derived. Explicit formulae for the stationary distributions and performance measures of the system in steady(More)
This paper analyses the steady state behavior of an M/G/1 retrial queueing system with Bernoulli and phase type vacations. Customers arrive one by one at the system in a Poisson stream. At the arrival epoch, if the server is busy then the arriving customer joins the orbit. If the server is free, then the arriving customer starts its service immediately. The(More)
HIV infection remains a major problem of public health in Belgium as well as globally. The number of new diagnosies of HIV infection in Belgium remains between two and three daily. Given the dramatic effect of antiretroviral therapy on the mortality due to HIV infection, the number of patients is constantly increasing. The different problems related to HIV(More)
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