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Advanced traveler information systems (ATIS) deliver information derived from intelligent transportation systems data. ATIS continue to emerge and grow in popularity, as some of these systems are public and freely available. ATIS performance and perceived usefulness depends, among several design factors, on the reliability and quality of its data sources,(More)
The dissemination of travel time information has become crucial with the advent of ATIS. This paper summarizes the results of a comparative analysis between two travel time algorithms applied to archived loop detector data. Travel time estimates derived from the algorithms are compared to ground truth probe vehicle data. Our results indicate that Coifman's(More)
Archived intelligent transportation systems data are becoming more crucial for metropolitan level traffic analysis, and can be useful for planners, operators, researchers, and users. This paper describes enhancements to an existing freeway data archive that includes the addition of increased spatial analysis capabilities. In addition the freeway database(More)
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