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Immunocytochemistry was used to study the expressions of glutamate receptor subunit proteins for NMDAR2A/B, NMDAR1 splice variants, and AMPA Glu-R2/3 in human brain resected for intractable epilepsy associated with cortical dysplasia. NMDAR2A/B intensely labeled dysplastic neurons showing staining in both the cell bodies and dendritic profiles. However,(More)
In human hippocampal epilepsy, there is a consistent pathology of cell loss and reactive synaptic reorganization of 'excitatory' mossy fibers (MF) into the inner molecular layer (IML) of the fascia dentata (FD). In this study, neo-Timm's histochemistry of MFs and immunocytochemistry of GluR1 were used to determine, in patients with or without hippocampal(More)
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