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The central few hundred parsecs of the Milky Way host a massive black hole and exhibit very violent gas motion and high temperatures in molecular gas. The origin of these properties has been a mystery for the past four decades. Wide-field imaging of the (12)CO (rotational quantum number J = 1 to 0) 2.6-millimeter spectrum has revealed huge loops of dense(More)
An English-language fragment L/sub NS/, which is used for writing program specifications, is defined using the algebraic language ASL/*. In order to define the semantics of L/sub NS/, the translation from each sentence in L/sub NS/ into a formula in a formal system is defined. If a sentence s in L/sub NS/ is translated into a formula t, then the semantics(More)
We carried out two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic simulations of the Galactic gas disk to show that the dense loop-like structures discovered by the Galactic center molecular cloud survey by NANTEN 4 m telescope can be formed by the buoyant rise of magnetic loops due to the Parker instability. At the initial state, we assumed a gravitationally stratified(More)
We point out a problem of the congestion control mechanism of TCP on the long fat pipe network (LFN) by precise analysis using our hand-made tools, and propose a congestion control algorithm for parallel streams and packet spacing algorithm in slow start phase for LFN. This paper presents: (1) observation of TCP/IP multi-stream data transfer across 7500(More)
Fukui et al. (2006) discovered two molecular loops in the Galactic center that are likely created by the magnetic flotation due to the Parker instability with an estimated field strength of ∼150 μG. Following the discovery, we present here a detailed study of the two loops based on NANTEN CO(J=1–0) and CO(J=1–0) datasets. The two loops are located in l =(More)
We have discovered a molecular dome-like feature towards 355 ≤ l ≤ 359 and 0 ≤ b≤ 2. The large velocity dispersions of 50–100 km s of this feature are much larger than those in the Galactic disk and indicate that the feature is located in the Galactic center, probably within ∼ 1 kpc of Sgr A. The distribution has a projected length of ∼ 600 pc and height of(More)
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