K. Thiruppathi

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We report a case of Mycobacterium monacense (M. monacense) isolated from sputum of a female patient for the first time in India. The chest radiograph and symptoms were suggestive of pulmonary tuberculosis. M. monacense was isolated from the sputum specimen at the end of 11 days of incubation. The identification was confirmed by conventional biochemical(More)
Multivariable systems parade complicated dynamics because of the interactions between input and output parameters. In this paper, a method is presented for controlling the multivariable processes in a laboratory reactor system mimicking the real time deep-sea conditions. Relative Gain Array method based decoupling controller for deep-sea parameters such as(More)
Continuous stirred tank reactor (CSTR) system is the need of the hour to mimic and maintain deep-sea conditions such as pressure, temperature, pH, etc. in the laboratory to study environmental effects. Design and optimization of a temperature controller for such reactor system are important areas in process control to offer a diverse range of research(More)
Multivariable systems exhibit complex dynamics because of the interactions between manipulated and controlled variables. In this paper, a control scheme for controlling reactor temperature and pressure in CSTR is implemented. The controller design is distributed into two parts: Initially, the judicious pair of loop configuration is determined using Relative(More)
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