K Thevarajan

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Revision arthroplasty of the hip is often complicated by infection, bone loss, and perioperative fracture of the femur. A simple, inexpensive spacer that keeps tissue planes intact and prevents soft tissue contracture during the interoperative period of a 2-stage revision is described. This can provide intramedullary support to a fractured or weak femur and(More)
PURPOSE To propose a novel method to measure the neck shaft angle and anteversion of the femur using anteroposterior and 45-degree oblique radiographs. METHODS Three human subjects were used to verify the 45-degree oblique method. The true neck shaft angle and anteversion of the femur were determined using computed tomography. The true values were(More)
UNLABELLED Various methods, such as vascularized bone transfers, Illizarov bone transport, allogenic bone grafts, bone graft substitutes, are available in treating traumatic bone loss. Free non-vascularised fibular graft is an autografting method that only requires minimal facilities or expertise. However, this method is not popularized due to its avascular(More)
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