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— Feature selection refers to the problem of selecting relevant features which produce the most predictive outcome. In particular, feature selection task is involved in datasets containing huge number of features. Rough set theory has been one of the most successful methods used for feature selection. However, this method is still not able to find optimal(More)
An intelligent computer-aided diagnosis system can be very helpful for radiologist in detecting and diagnosing microcalcifications earlier and faster than typical screening programs. In this paper, Genetic Algorithm (GA) and New Particle Swarm Optimization (NPSO) algorithm are proposed for feature selection, and their performance is compared. The Spatial(More)
This paper is presented with a hybrid technique named as Efficient Hybrid Simulated Annealing (EHSA) algorithm. The new algorithm is implemented to the non-convex economic load dispatch (ELD) problem so as to minimize the total generation cost when considering the linear and non linear constraints. In EHSA algorithm, the velocity of the particle in Particle(More)
Cubing plays a vital role in secure communication systems, Signal Processing Applications, Finite Field Arithmetic etc. As the radix of the number used for cubing increases the process gets complicated which in turn increases the delay and power consumption. Vedic mathematics is an ancient mathematics concept that provides a fast and a reliable approach to(More)
Transformation model plays a vital role in medical image processing. This paper describes a new Transformation model (NTM) which is hybrid of linear and non linear Transformations techniques for the detection of tumor. In NTM, patient image is compared with reference images, which is block based. An image similarity measure quantifies the degree of(More)
Rapid and innovative improvement in wireless communication technologies has led to an increase in the demand for mobile internet transactions. However, internet access from mobile devices is very expensive due to limited bandwidth available on wireless links and high mobility rate of mobile hosts. When a user executes a transaction with a web portal from a(More)
In Medical Field telemedicine and tele diagnosis is gaining momentum at a faster rate. So security and authentication for medical images are very important. This paper describes a new solution to digital watermarking of medical images. It uses Independent Component Analysis (ICA) to project the image into a basis with its components as satistically(More)
This paper proposed a new robust digital watermarking technique with an aim of image protection. The proposed technique incorporates both the transform and feature methods. Initially, the Harris Laplacian detector extracts the features from the cover image that suites well for the watermarking. The extracted characteristic regions are grouped to form a(More)
Maps are used to describe far-off places. It is an aid for navigation and military strategies. Mapping of the lands are important and the mapping work is based on (i). Natural resource management & development (ii). Information technology ,(iii). Environmental development ,(iv). Facility management and (v). e-governance. The Landuse / Landcover system(More)