K. Thanjavur

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We present the stellar mass functions (SMF) and mass densities of galaxies, and their spheroid and disk components in the local (z∼0.1) universe over the range 8.9 ≤ log(M/M⊙)≤ 12 from spheroid+disk decompositions and corresponding stellar masses of a sample of over 600,000 galaxies in the SDSS-DR7 spectroscopic sample. The galaxy SMF is well represented by(More)
We examine the stellar velocity dispersions (σ ) of a sample of 48 galaxies, 35 of which are spirals, from the Palomar nearby galaxy survey. It is known that for ultra-luminous infrared galaxies (ULIRGs) and merger remnants, the σ derived from the near-infrared CO band heads is smaller than that measured from optical lines, while no discrepancy between(More)
The existence of strong lensing systems with Einstein radii covering the full mass spectrum, from ∼1−2′′ (produced by galaxy scale dark matter haloes) to >10′′ (produced by galaxy cluster scale haloes) have long been predicted. Many lenses with Einstein radii around 1−2′′ and above 10′′ have been reported but very few in between. In this article, we present(More)
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